Caravan hire for temporary accommodation

There are times when we all need a little help. Recent storms and bushfires remind us that our homes are vulnerable and can be damaged when we least expect it.

There are all sorts of reasons that people need to find somewhere clean, comfortable and affordable to live temporarily, but whatever the reason, top of the priority list will be somewhere that’s safe, secure, and usually local.

Some of the reasons you may require temporary accommodation, include:

  • Your home has been damaged and you must move out while it is being repaired.
  • You are renovating your home and must move out temporarily.
  • You are building a new home and need somewhere to live during construction.
  • You have extra guests coming to visit and not enough room in your home.
  • Someone in your family needs extra space outside the home

Temporary accommodation & caravan hire

There are a number of options available for temporary accommodation, including signing a lease, staying in a serviced apartment, or a hotel – or hiring a caravan and having it delivered to your property. What works best will depend on how long you will be out of your home, your location, and your budget. Hotels and motels generally don’t suit situations longer than one week, and they can be expensive. A serviced apartment provides a better home environment, but are also expensive, and a challenge to find near to home. Hiring a caravan is a great choice if you want to stay on your own property, and it is also the most affordable form of temporary accommodation. Many people don’t realise how comfortable and well equipped modern caravans are these days, or that you can hire a luxury caravan, long term for your property.

Paul & Renee hired a caravan when their home was damaged.

“Our home got flooded and we wanted to find a temporary home that we could put on our property for our tribe of eight, while we fixed our home. From day one of contacting Vin he was so honest, caring and accommodating. When the van arrived I checked inside to make sure it was immaculate, the way I keep my home, and to my absolute surprise it was! It smelt new and clean, which made our stay so comfortable. Thank you again Vin from our happy tribe of eight.”

Home refurbishment and renovations

There are many situations where you may need some extra space at home or, because of a renovation, you need to move out of your home, temporarily.  Hiring a caravan and remaining on site has many advantages over moving off site.

Refurbishing your home

Many regular home refurbishment jobs cause major disruptions. Having floors sanded and polished, or the house painted are messy projects, and they also involve potentially toxic fumes that you may want to keep away from family and pets. Moving out of your home temporarily – usually for a week or two – until the project is complete – is often recommended. Hiring a caravan and having it delivered to your home, provides short term alternative accommodation for cooking and sleeping, and allows you to stay close to pets and still have access to everything in your home.

Avoid harsh chemicals and air pollutants associated with common house renovation projects by relocating to a luxury caravan onsite.

Home Renovation

At some point, many people embark on a home renovation. The average time taken for a renovation in Australia is estimated to be between four and eight months – many take a lot longer and can be very disruptive. That’s a lot of time to spend surrounded by dust, noise and tools, and having tradies traipsing through your home. Home renovations can also be very stressful and expensive and require sticking to a tight budget.

Unfortunately everyday life must continue, despite a renovation, and that’s why many people decide to move into alternative accommodation. But getting a short term lease nearby is not always easy, or affordable. Most people also prefer to be close to home, for important design decisions and to oversee work. Hiring a caravan and having it delivered to your home is a perfect solution, allowing you to stay onsite, but have a private, clean area to live, away from all the dust, mess and noise.

If you need to move out of your home temporarily, you also need to consider how you are going to care for any pets or animals you may have. Staying onsite allows you to have your animals close by and continue to care for them as usual. There’s no need to pay for kennel accommodation and no need to travel for feeding.

Living onsite during a major project helps protect valuable materials and tools, that are vulnerable to theft when there is nobody around after work hours.

Owner Builder

The average time taken to build a new home in Australia is around twelve months. Staying close to where the build is happening is very important. Most people want to oversee progress and be available to make decisions. And if you’re doing the build yourself, staying onsite is even more important. Just like a renovation, living onsite has considerable advantages, and can help with project and time management. When it’s time to down tools, there’s no need to pack everything up each night, and home is only a few steps away.

Living onsite during a major project helps protect valuable materials and tools, that are vulnerable to theft when there is nobody around after work hours.

With a 12 month timeline, accommodation needs to be as comfortable as possible – particularly if you have children. Where you live temporarily should have good heating and cooling to take you through the coldest and hottest months, and it needs to be modern, clean and easy to manage. Hiring a caravan for a long term hire, is the most affordable option that allows your to live onsite with every comfort. Caravans are available in different sizes, to fit your family. They also have large fridges, cook tops, toilets and showers on board – to provide all the comforts you need.

Modern caravans have everything you need to live comfortably for several weeks, including heating and cooling, large fridges, toilets, showers, comfortable beds and full electrics.


Damage to your home

We all have home insurance and hope that we never have to use it. It’s for the rare occasion when something does happen. A freak storm, a tree falling on the house, fire, or flood, depending on the extent of the damage and the type of cover you have, your insurance company should cover the repairs. If the damage is severe and you can’t live in your home, you will need to move out while repairs are undertaken.

Home Insurance

Most home insurance will cover the cost of any temporary accommodation for you and your pets, while your home is being repaired. Of course, you will need to read the fine print in your insurance policy to make sure. The insurance company will decide first whether your home is not habitable. They will also only pay for temporary accommodation for a period of time they nominate is reasonable for completing any repairs.

Home Insurance Providers

Subject to approval, most home insurance policies may cover the cost of accommodation for up to twelve months. Some of the major providers, like AAMI, Allianz, GIO, NRMA & YOUi have comparable policies.

Hiring a caravan and having it delivered to your home is a convenient and affordable solution, allowing you to avoid the chaos of ongoing repairs, while allowing you to stay close to home and have a separate area for living and sleeping.

More room for guests or teenagers

The most common reason for temporary accommodation onsite is a renovation or new home build, but there are other times when some extra room can take the pressure off living arrangements. If guests are coming to stay and you need some extra space, hiring a caravan is the most affordable way to expand your living area. A modern caravan equipped with all the latest conveniences, comfortable beds and a separate kitchen and toilet is even better than an extra bedroom. All you need is a flat area to site a caravan.

As families grow, family dynamics can change – particularly during teenage years. Hiring a caravan can extend your home by adding an extra living zone, instantly, when you need some independent space for family members.

Reduced rates for long term hires

If you’ve never hired a caravan, you may have an out of date idea of the level of comfort and features included in the latest model caravans. We want people to have a great time when they hire a caravan. That’s why we only have newer model Jayco caravans in our fleet. All our caravans are under three years old, they are maintained to the highest standard and they come with air conditioning, heating, full sized fridges, and comfortable beds. We have caravans for couples or up to six people, as well as pop tops and full size caravans. Many of our long term hires are from people who require extra accommodation or are building a home, so we understand the difference between what you require for holidaying and everyday living. We will deliver and set up your caravan onsite, and are very happy to answer any questions you have and help you find the right caravan for your circumstances.

When you hire a caravan with us we provide reduced rates for periods of longer than a month. Please contact us directly, so we can tailor a price to your situation.

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