Getting to know your caravan

In these short video tutorials we will cover the essential steps you'll need to know for a smooth and memorable time on your caravan.

Setting up beds
This video covers the mattress protectors provided

Toilet operations

Using the caravan’s chemical toilet is simple and hygienic with these easy steps.

Emptying the toilet tank We cover how and when to empty the toilet waste tank

The gas cylinder swap This video explains how to swap your caravan’s gas cylinders when you run out of gas.

Setting up the awning
It’s essential to follow these steps when setting up the caravan awning.

Lowering the awning
In this video we cover the step for taking down your awning.

This video covers the cleaning chemicals to avoid using.

Equip yourself with these caravan basics, and your journey will be smooth sailing.

For a complete walk through, be sure to watch each video, and head off on your adventure with confidence!

Got a question?

All our caravans have a comprehensive instruction booklet to refer to when you are on the road. We also provide on road assistance, should you have a problem. If you are thinking of going off grid and you’d like to know more about using solar, we’re here to help. Call us on 1300 499 588 or send us an email.

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